The most fundamental act a living organism undertakes is observation.

There is a relationship between the sentient and the inert. To exist and to be experienced, witnessed, enjoyed even.

Life is probably purposeless; a happy accident; a beautiful anomaly. But the ability to observe and to experience this universe, to communicate with it, to exchange with the other anomalies, gives us meaning. And it is our legacy. Even the smallest act of observation alters this place. We make it better. Make it worse. Blow shit up, love each other, pump beautiful music into billions of lightyears of empty space. This is life and we are nothing more than a witness, a testimony to the beauties and the tragedies of our reality. Write your stories. Take your pictures. Find a woman. Find a man. Find a half and half that’ll do you for cheap. To experience is our pursuit, to wander, to change.

What is life all about? Voyeurism and exhibitionism, and we’re all perverts. So enjoy the hell out of it.

- MrsShrodingersBox

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